Many people have fond memories of the Old Baragwanath. Hundreds learnt to fly there. This page contains links to stories as told by the many who experienced the bygone era of aviation at the beloved old airfield.

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The Flying Wing of Baragwanath

Noel Otten relives his memory of the last days of ZS-EUC, the Flying Wing of Baragwanath

The First Home-built

I was recently going through some family memorabilia, and came across this article from the Star on my dad’s home-built aircraft from 1937. My dad learned to fly during a world trip at Heights Town, New Jersey, USA in 1936 and from what I can remember he got involved with this little home built after…

Terry Fisher and the Ercoupe

If you love a sport, it is only natural to encourage others to join in your passion, especially if they show an inkling of interest. The following account of bizarre events is so unbelievable, it just has to be true.

Aviation stories by Courtney Watson

There is a bug that goes along with flying, something that drives you to spend all your money, and all of your
weekends trying to imitate the birds. It is in those moments when you make yourself comfortable behind the controls,
strap in, and slip away from the bonds of the earth that…

Bush Pilots do it in Fours

Bush Pilots do it in Fours follows Roy Watson’s flying career and his fascination with all things airborne, from the very first steps through the restoration of a Tiger Moth, Aeronca and Zlin and some exposure to aerobatics in these ‘older’ flying machines.