There are many famous aviators that have, for one reason or another, been associated with the Johannesburg Light Plane Club and Baragwanath Airfield. Below is a list of many of these folk. Click on the name to open a PDF document containing interesting information and photographs about these personalities of a bygone era.

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“Pikkie” Rautenbach

“Pikkie” Rautenbach was a legend in SA Aviation circles. A WW2 pilot, saw active service in Korea flying Mustangs and F86 Sabre Jets, and the first “official” National Aerobatic Champion of South Africa.

Phillip Hesselson

Daring Aviator and Chairman of the Johannesburg Light Plane Club

Alan Hindle

Alan Hindle was an aviation artist through the 1950s to 1980s.

Jackie Moggridge

Jackie Moggridge learnt to fly at Baragwanath. She was the first woman in South Africa to do a parachute jump.

Stanley Halse

Stan Halse was the Chairman and Flying Instructor at the Johannesburg Light Plane Club (JLPC) from 1929-1937. He was a founding member together with Rod Douglas.

Pat Judson

Pat Judson was the first Rhodesian born airman. He went solo at Baragwanath on 27 August 1929.