Emergency Contacts

Emergency Procedure

In the event of an incident or accident at Baragwanath, the priority is personal safety followed by preventing further damage to property. Emergency services must be contacted first, but as soon as practical the airfield manager, safety officer and chairman must be informed of the incident.

  1. Call Emergency Services (if required)
    Netcare Emergency Call Centre: 082 911
  2. Advise Airport Manager:
    Rodger Gibbs: 083 578 7605
    (Alternate) Johan Maritz: 082 822 3179
  3. Call JLPC Safety Officer:
    Don Lucas: 083 460 7773
  4. Call JLPC Chairman:
    Ron Wheeldon: 083 309 1822


The safety officer is responsible for co-ordinating any rescue efforts with the emergency services. The chairman is responsible for communication with the press. The airfield manager will be responsible for assisting at the airfield.

Note to Press: Only the Chairman will issue statements to the press. We will keep you informed as information becomes available to us, and is confirmed. Please do not attempt to contact any others on this list above, as they will only direct you to the Chairman. Your efforts to try and find a scoop might hamper rescue operations.


Standard Operating Procedure – Accident Communication Protocol
Johannesburg Light Plane Club (JLPC) Contact and Emergency Details

How to deal with an aircraft accident scene
(Produced by The South African Civil Aviation Authority, Accidents and Incidents Investigations Division)