Flying to FASY (Baragwanath)

Airfield Information

Frequency  122.35 MHz
Altitude5400 ft
RunwayAsphalt 13L/31R 1100m x 10m

CautionAll circuits to the north of the runway
Unmanned airfield
Beware of aircraft in the aerobatic box and radio controlled aircraft to the South-West of the runway.

FuelAvgas 100ll
Open between 8am and 5pm
7 days a week
Credit card facility available

FAD-184: Aerobatic Box

Note: The latest details of the Syferfontein Aerobatic box (FAD184) can be found in the AIP here.

Location==262047S 0274631E
Circle: 0.6NM Radius
RemarksCommunication FREQ 122.35 MHz callsign RABBIT.
Area available on SAT & SUN from SRSS, WED and Public HOL from 0800-SS. All days require prior liaison with JHB Radar at TEL (011) 928 6448/9 or before entering the area on FREQ 124.5MHz or 123.7MHz.
As part of this area falls in the JHB Special Rules Area users must also listen out & report on FREQ 125.6MHz.

Joining Procedure for Baragwanath (FASY)

To avoid entering the Aerobatic box when joining for landing at FASY, the following
procedure has been established.

Fly parallel to runway 31 or 13 to the north of the runway at 7400ft to establish
landing direction. The windsock to the south of the runway can be easily seen.

Descend to circuit altitude (6400ft) once beyond the circuit area to the north and join
either left downwind for runway 13 or right downwind for runway 31.

joining procedure

Location relative to other airfields