Flying to FASY (Baragwanath)

Airfield Information

Frequency  122.35 MHz
Altitude5400 ft
RunwayAsphalt 13L/31R 1100m x 10m

CautionAll circuits to the north of the runway
Unmanned airfield
Beware of aircraft in the aerobatic box and radio controlled aircraft to the South-West of the runway.

FAD-184: Aerobatic Box

Note: The latest details of the Syferfontein Aerobatic box can be found in the AIP here.

Location==262047S 0274631E
Circle: 0.6NM Radius
RemarksCommunication FREQ 122.35 MHz callsign RABBIT.
Area available on SAT & SUN from SRSS, WED and Public HOL from 0800-SS. All days require prior liaison with JHB Radar at TEL (011) 928 6448/9 or before entering the area on FREQ 124.5MHz or 123.7MHz.
As part of this area falls in the JHB Special Rules Area users must also listen out & report on FREQ 125.6MHz.

Map to FASY – Baragwanath

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Location relative to other airfields