Airfield History

On November 15, 1919, a special edition of “The Star” was flown from Baragwanath to Durban by Major Alister Miller in a World War I Avro 504 biplane. Shortly afterwards Baragwanath became home to the first ever aerial transportation company in South Africa.

The Johannesburg Light Plane Club (JLPC) was formed in 1927, making it one of the oldest active flying clubs in the world.

You can find a much more detailed history of Baragwanath in the following articles.

Opening of the Syferfontein Airfield

After so many months of problems, crises, difficulties and no airfield, Saturday 23rd October dawned clear and bright for JLPC.

Pictures: 1940 – 1949

Private flying was suspended in the war years, with activity only resuming from 8 June 1946. Not long after that the Air Pageant returned to Baragwanath.

Jackie Moggridge

Jackie Moggridge learnt to fly at Baragwanath. She was the first woman in South Africa to do a parachute jump.

Crash at Baragwanath

A tragic crash takes the lives of William John Charles Kennedy-Cochran-Patrick and passenger Sir Michael Oppenheimer

Pat Judson

Pat Judson was the first Rhodesian born airman. He went solo at Baragwanath on 27 August 1929.