Piper Cub Day (Round 2)

Piper Cub Day (Round 2)
13 October 2013

What a great day of fun flying! Once the early morning winds backed off, the events became feasible, and we all had a blast.

Many thanks must go to all of the volunteers who helped during the course of the day and the pilots who flew in and displayed their aircraft on the day.

Courtney Watson

Visitors and locals included:

de HavillandDH.82A Tiger MothZS-UKW
PiperL-4 CubZU-PJN
PiperPA-11 Cub SpecialZS-VTT
PiperPA-18 Super CubZU-ASI
SkywoodSW-18 (Replica Piper L18C)ZU-EMX

The artwork on the advertising poster done by Kelly McAuley. The photographs are thanks to the photographers of Avcom.