Piper Cub Day

Piper Cub Day at Baragwanath
2 June 2013

You know what they say: “If you want bad weather over a weekend, organise a flying event long in advance and it’s bound to happen.” Well, the Weather gods didn’t co-operate with us this past weekend, throwing winds that neared gale force across the runway at Baragwanath. Despite this, however, the Cub Day was a resounding success.

Members came in their droves, and enjoyed the camaraderie that the new clubhouse provides. While the wind blew outside, flying stories were swapped over a cup of coffee, bacon and egg roll, or a tub of home-made curry and rice.

A number of brave and intrepid pilots manned-up to the weather conditions and flew in, which resulted in a gaggle of Pipers and other old aircraft parked in the front of the clubhouse. The boys from the St Stithians Aviation Club were marshals for the event as well as helpers in the kitchen and for a number of the intended events.

Unfortunately, after Jason Beamish tested the conditions and tried to bust a few balloons, dropped the flour bombs and tested his skills at a spot landing, we decided that the conditions were not conducive to holding the competition and it was therefore cancelled. The hand-crafted trophies and awards have been locked in the clubhouse display cabinet and it was decided to postpone the competition for a future date.

Many thanks must go to all of the volunteers who helped during the course of the day including Mike Gill, Dave Gill, Gretchen Maruggi, Don Lucas, the St Stithians Boys College Aviation Club, Courtney Watson, Patrick Watson, Renier van Biljon, Kelly McAuley, Jo and Mark Munro for all of their efforts.

Many thanks also to the pilots who flew in and displayed their aircraft on the day.

Courtney Watson

Visitors and locals included the following:

de HavillandDH.82A Tiger MothZS-CDJ
de HavillandDH.82A Tiger MothZS-UKW
de HavillandDHC 1 ChipmunkZS-ULJ
de HavillandDHC 1 ChipmunkZU-DXO
PiperJ3 CubZS-AUY
PiperJ3 CubZS-AWJ
PiperJ5 CubN35297
PiperL-4 CubZU-PJN
PiperPA-11 Cub SpecialZS-VTT
PiperPA-18 Super CubZS-LHL
PiperPA-18 Super CubZS-PFZ
PiperPA-18 Super CubZU-ASI
PiperPA-24 ComancheZS-WBN

The artwork on the advertising poster done by Kelly McAuley. Pictures thanks to the photographers of Avcom and John Austin-Williams.