The First Home-built

Tom Zeederberg and the Altis home-built aircraft ZS-ADN, ZS-AEO and ZS-AEV

I was recently going through some family memorabilia, and came across this article from the Star on my dad’s (Thomas E Zeederberg) home-built aircraft from 1937. My dad learned to fly during a world trip at Heights Town, New Jersey, USA in 1936 and from what I can remember he got involved with this little home built after he returned from the world travels.

The following information I will give to you from memory from what my dad told me about this aircraft many decades ago.

“These 2 aircraft were built by a fellow whose surname was Vine and he lived out at Krugersdorp. The aircraft was totally home-built and Mr Vine used to spend some time in the Koppies at the back of Krugersdorp, studying the flight performance of vultures and eagles and it was said that he would shoot down the odd large bird with a .22 rifle and then dissect the wing and study the wing’s curvature etc.”

Tom Zeederberg and the First Home-built
Aviation in Krugersdorp by Sydney Vine
(Featuring the Altis V1)