Mission: Easter

Mission Easter at Baragwanath
24 March 2013

By teaming up with an orphanage, the members of Johannesburg Light Plane Club (JLPC) gave something back to the community by asking the Easter Bunny to come to the airfield. Eggs were hidden and the twenty-odd children had a great time salvaging their treasures from in amongst the hangars and the aircraft. A number of aircraft were on display, including a Piper Super Cub, de havilland Tiger Moth and Cessna 140. The children were also given a brief introduction to what aviation entails, helped by an activity pack which was given out at the start of the day. It is hoped that some budding pilots will be the result of a very successful event.

Aviation stories by Courtney Watson

A collection of short aviation stories

Courtney Watson, April 2013

There is a bug that goes along with flying, something that drives you to spend all your money, and all of your weekends trying to imitate the birds. It is in those moments when you make yourself comfortable behind the controls, strap in, and slip away from the bonds of the earth that allow you to climb away from the torments and stresses of life, and be free to yourself. It is something that compels us all to fly and when we’re on the ground, we yearn to be back up in the air. It is an elation that poets write about, but only pilots can understand.

Collection of short aviation stories by Courtney Watson