de Havilland Centenary

The 100th Anniversary of the first successful test flight of a de Havilland aircraft by Geoffrey de Havilland – 10 September 1910

On 12 September 2010, nine DH.82A Tiger Moths and four DHC-1 Chipmunks gathered at Baragwanath to celebrate one hundred years since the first flight of Geoffrey de Havilland. The weather played the game, and amidst picnic blankets, champagne and a birthday cake, pilots swapped war stories and raised a glass to one of the most prolific aircraft manufacturers the world has ever seen.

Flyer promoting the event (PDF)

For the histories of the aircraft that attended the event please visit The de Havilland Aircraft Association of South Africa website

Direct links to the Tiger Moth page and the Chipmunk page.

Below is the list of de Havilland aircraft that attended the event.

DHC-1 ChipmunkC1-0593ZS-JPT
DHC-1 ChipmunkC1-0592ZS-OWJ
DHC-1 ChipmunkC1-0426ZS-ULJ
DHC-1 ChipmunkC1-0760ZU-DXP
DH.82A Tiger Moth84864ZS-BGN
DH.82A Tiger Moth636ZS-BTP
DH.82A Tiger Moth84811ZS-CDJ
DH.82A Tiger Moth82262ZS-DHR
DH.82A Tiger Moth728ZS-FZF
DH.82A Tiger Moth84971ZS-NWJ
DH.82A Tiger Moth82982 (?)ZS-OSS
DH.82A Tiger Moth84412ZS-UKW
DH.82A Tiger Moth85698ZU-XRF