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Photographs of aircraft and items of interest relating to the old Baragwanath airfield.

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GALLERY 1920-1929
© The Johannesburg Light Plane Club
JLPC Baragwanath
Syferfontein Airfield, South Africa


Poster promoting the South African Air Force, SAAF, air display at Baragwanath 19 October 1929.
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1927/09/01 Pioneering Spirit - The story of Richard Reid “Dick” Bentley and his flight from England to South Africa in de Havilland DH60X Moth G-EBSO (c/n 419). Bentley and the Moth, fitted with a Cirrus Mark II engine, left London on September 1, 1927. Dick landed at Baragwanath Aerodrome on Monday, 26 September 1927. He arrived in Cape Town on September 28, 1927 having flown a distance of approximately 7,250 miles, achieving the then record longest solo flight. Pioneering Spirit (PDF)

Some British Pathe newsreel footage of the Christening of G-EBSO "Dorys" here

Some photographs of de Havilland DH60X Moth c/n 419 G-EBSO “Dorys” here  (PDF)
1929/08/27 Early in August, 1929, Pat Judson joined the Johannesburg Light 'Plane Club at Baragwanath Aerodrome to undergo the flying and technical training necessary for the "B" commercial pilot's licence which he would require for his new career and, on August 31st, the Bulawayo Chronicle reported that "a Rhodesian farmer, Mr. D S. Judson, is now learning to fly with the J.L.P.C. - he went solo on the 27th". More info here: http://www.rhodesia.nl/Aviation/judson.htm
JLPC Baragwanath circa 1927
Photograph: Stewart Fritz Johl via Tinus le Roux