The Johannesburg Light Plane Club has a long history of teaching people to fly dating back to the 1920s.

The school today, although a properly run and fully certified school still has a club atmosphere. Pupils are not just taught to fly but are encouraged to socialise and be a part of the club.

An important part of becoming a good pilot is to spend time “hangar flying” talking to and learning from the old guys, who with years of experience can add so much information and enjoyment to learning to fly.

Our two instructors, John Reeder and Roger Bozzoli have each been flying for more than thirty years and can provide training on anything from multi-engine instrument training to aerobatics.

It is said that you should get an instructor with “a bit of grey in his hair” experience, and just as importantly, enthusiasm. These guys love to fly, and love to teach and share their passion.

With its wide open spaces, Baragwanath provides an environment that is safe to fly from, where the pilot can practice numerous procedures unimpeded.

It is also situated inside a designated flying training area and, with the low traffic volumes, training will go quicker than at the busy airports and a lot more fun.

Please visit the Graduate Flight Academy website for further infromation.
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JLPC Baragwanath
Syferfontein Airfield, South Africa